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Path to Grace

The path to Grace is fascinating and profound. Religions define Grace as an expression of Divine Love, but the word can have many personal definitions outside of Religion. Grace can be about how you carry yourself with an inner air and beauty. Grace can be about bestowing a gift or favor.Grace is when you forgive someone, or show mercy.   All of these are beautiful expressions of Grace, but how can we achieve them? Unless Grace is active in our lives it is simply a concept. So we need to follow practical steps that make Grace come alive in the here and now. The most powerful way to achieve Grace is through gratitude, because gratitude makes a deep connection with the Source of Grace inside us. It is different from the Religious concept of Grace that comes directly from God.    If you are comfortable and connected with the way your personal faith and religion teaches you to find Grace, meditation will only deepen your faith.     Yoga speaks of God within, and the location of Grace within as well. If this is true, then why isn’t our life filled with Grace right now in this moment and every moment for that matter? It is!! What is lacking is our perception.    Two people can be doing the exact same thing, but have two totally different perceptions and experiences. For example, two people walking their dog. One is hurrying and frustrated that they have to take time out of their day to walk their dog, all the while going over their list of errands and responsibilities. The other is calm and patient, feels the warmth of the sun, sees the children playing next door, and smells the newly blossomed flowers along the path. All of these things are manifestations of Grace. Room has been made in the middle of everything for gratitude of creation.   When we have awareness of just how perfectly we fit into creation, how abundant our life is from the level of being, Grace changes our perception. Gratitude is like a secret key that shifts our awareness. Gratitude shifts our lives from an attitude of rejecting and defending, to one of acceptance and appreciation.    Research shows that this shift includes emotions, beliefs and yes, even our bodies! Because gratitude has such a positive impact even in our cells, gratitude is an engine and catalyst for holistic change. Change begins inside from meditating on gratitude from the heart.   Simply by practicing a daily 5 minute gratitude mediation first thing in the morning will 

shift your perception and change the way you approach life. 


1. Finding a quiet place to sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

 2. Take 3 slow deep breaths and release any tension in the body. 

3. Focus on one thing that you are deeply grateful for… It can be a person, act, feeling, personal or universal, there are no limitations.

4. Repeat silently to yourself: 

“When I am grateful, I tap into my Grace.”  

5. Continue to repeat your mantra, and if thoughts or sensations arise, simply return to the mantra. 

This meditation will open the gateway to the gratitude contained within your heart. 

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In gratitude and love,