for a luxury retreat at the Horse Shoe Farm, nestled in the mountains of North Carolina.

Expect to be inspired & transformed through yoga (Vinyasa, Yin, Kundalini & our “Vindalini” fusion), sound healing, sacred cacao, labyrinth walks and a fire ceremony while luxuriating in the offerings on this beautiful 80 acre ranch in Hendersonville. Your experience includes access to the Ranch Pool, a Pickleball Court, Fishing, Canoes, Walking paths, as well as a continental breakfast, a magnificent lunch buffet & 4-5 Course Gourmet Dinner Service. You will also be able to add-on Spa Treatments at your pleasure.

 Wallow in Luxury and Elevate: Mind, Body & Spirit

We offer this retreat to you with all our love,
Tymi & Candace  


MODULE 1| March 2nd & 3rd

Saturday & Sunday
Single Day $75
Full Module $150
 This series of workshops is intended to create a safe space to get curious about your own body.
How does it work and how can yoga help? Each workshop will compliment the others for a more complete understanding of human anatomy and physiology. To be prepared for these workshops, bring your curiosity and perhaps a notebook,
and wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Additional resources and reflections will be offered to help you
integrate your experience on and off the mat. Please let the us know in advance if you require any special accommodations to facilitate your participation in the workshop.

 Skeletal System 


Mar 2, 2024


  How exactly do we feel or sense our bones, joints, and what position they are in? This experiential anatomy workshop will explore the structure and function of the skeletal system and proprioception– how we feel where our bodies are
in space. These concepts will be applied to active yoga practice and partner/group exercises designed to help you better
feel and appreciate your bones, with notes on how you can adapt your practice to include bone, joint, and sensory
health. Topics covered include: Bony landmarks and alignment How to adapt a yoga practice for joints that are too
stiff or too loose Planes of movement that allow for healthy joints that move freely Bone density and how it is affected
by yoga Common issues with joints, ligaments, bones and adaptations for yoga practice Ways yoga can improve
balance (and reduce falls and injuries) How to facilitate improved proprioception
(body sense) with yoga practices and props.

 Muscular/Movement sSystem


Mar 3, 2024


What moves you? We will explore various aspects of movement and how it affects your physiology to impact the strength, speed, power and flexibility of your body and mind. What is “muscle memory?” How do we leverage it to
create healthy patterns or deconstruct unhealthy ones? Join us as we bust the myth of “isolating a muscle” and explore how muscles work in collaboration with each other, the nervous system, bones, joints and their environment (hello gravity and momentum! Move with us through various topics:
Movement and mood, cognition and neuroplasticity (your ability to create change)
Motor learning: how do muscles learn coordinated, helpful movements? What is the overload principle and how does it relate
to “the edge” in yoga? What cues or adjustments help to activate or release target muscles? How can variety of movement translate to better movement on and off the mat? Why do some people feel muscles or movements differently than others?

The Art of Balance 

with Danielle 

FRIDAY 6:30 – 8:00pm
February 16th, March15th, April 19th, May10th
Single Class | $35
4 Class Series | $100

The Art of Balance series is designed to change your mind about balancing on your hands and forearms. Arm balances allow us to develop a deeper connection to our body by building trust and overcoming fear, and they’re just fun. This instructional series will focus on alignment and technique by breaking down the mechanics of each pose. You will learn step by step ways to enter each pose, creative modifications, and how to use props to help make arm balances more accessible in your practice.
Arm balances are progressive in nature, with one pose often being the foundation for another. Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.

Arm balance experience is not required to attend this series. It is welcome to beginners and experienced yogis, who are thirsty for knowledge and the opportunity to challenge themselves.

Friday February 16th : Crow & Transitions from Crow

So many postures are accessible from Crow, & once you start to learn them. the possibilities for more transitions are endless. Learn to shoot your legs back into Chaturanga while maintaining stability in your pelvis. Move into Tripod Headstand using your shoulder & arm strength. Flying Scissors from Crow…yes. Learn to use your core, shoulder & back strength to switch your legs in the air.

Friday March 15th: Flying Crow & Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1

Crows fly & so can you. We will continue to build on our core strength & hip mobility to help navigate moving the legs into these postures. You’ll learn to rebalance yourself on one arm as you engage your lower abdominals to lift one leg into Flying Crow. You’ll also learn how to draw on your inner thigh strength & core to extend your legs in different directions from Side Crow into Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1. Learning to fly is so much fun!

Friday April 19th: Funky Flying Dolphin & Pincha
Forearm balances are very challenging, but if you can shift your mind in the approach, you can shift your weight onto your forearms. Learn to strengthen and engage the back and shoulder muscles to help you find lightness on your forearms. You will also learn about the importance of maintaining stability in the pelvis as you play with movement and balancing on one hand and one forearm at the same time.

Friday, May 10th: Handstand
The Unicorn pose. We all want it, and we all can have it by learning the proper mechanics of the pose. Handstand isn’t about just getting the legs straight up in the air, but rather getting your hips up. You will get to play against the wall for support, learning to stack the hips over the shoulders. You will also build strength in the abdominals and glutes to help support a neutral pelvis while getting upside down. Additionally, you will learn different ways to incorporate kick ups throughout flows to continue your handstand practice.

“Move Into Stillness”
with Steven Willard
Friday, March 1st 
in advance: $35
drop-in: $40
 We’ll begin a Walking Meditation. Being present with each step, from there a mindful flow. Rather than throwing ourselves through vinyasa, we’ll move with intention and settle into each pose. We conclude the asana portion with a yin practice. This takes us into a Body Scan, done a few different ways.
 “Sit Happens”
with Steven Willard
Saturday, March 2nd 
in advance: $40
drop-in: $45
Exploring the what, why, how’s of Meditation. Discussion of what it is and isn’t. 
We’ll play with 3 different types of Meditation. There will be room for questions at the end.

Core Integrity – Postpartum Foundations

for Core Restoration

with Jessica Maria

*For any stage 8 weeks + postpartum
Series of 4 Workshops – Meets Once a Month
Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm
$50/single class or $150 for series
January 20th
February 17th
March 16th
April 20th
Postpartum Core Restoration Workshop
8+ weeks postpartum
Learn the foundations of rebuilding the core after childbirth We will cover: -core anatomy -compensations developed
in pregnancy -myofasical release techniques -breath work -deep core activations -hypopressives to restore balanced
core pressure -corrective exercises -functional core exercises -funcitonal strength exercises You will leave with the tools
to regain your core strength, a clear exercise plan to keep progressing, and the knowledge to find core integrity in
all your movement endeavors.

FULL MOON CEREMONY with Awaken Spanda

a monthly event curated by Arlyn Ruddy
 Advance Pay: $35 | Door: $40
In an Awaken Spanda signature full moon sound ceremony the intent is as always to restore you to your optimal human potential through the power of sympathetic resonance. Using organic sound tools such as instruments and the quantum power of intent to ensure restored harmony withIN the body, mind, and soul. The experience will allow you to gently and effectively explore new aspects of Self as we bring the unconscious parts of the whole energy body to the conscious mind enabling us to determine our next steps in waking reality. We enter into this meditative state with no expectations in order to connect directly to our inner wisdom. There are many layers of benefits to this meditation as we are working with the root body, our bio energetic system. Restoration will occur down to a cellular level. This can also help clear emotional traumas and relieve anxiety, depression, mental angst, physical pain, suffering, and such….while deepening relaxation, visualization, mental focus, equanimity, creativity, body+mind regeneration, recalibration, spiritual growth, self mastery, and above all self love and compassion. The layers of healing are endless as we address and discover our energetic nature.
We are made of sound and light. And our integration is our birthright.

Animal Flow: Ground Play Workshop

with Jessica Maria

Friday, February 23rd
Cost: $35
Animal Flow is a ground based movement practice that contains elements of break dancing,
balancing, parkour, and calisthenics to dynamically engage your body.
This system is designed to improve strength, power, flexibility, mobility, and coordination.
Animal Flow is a complete stand alone practice or once the movements are learned it can
be woven into your own private yoga practice.
In this workshop we will learn:
6 components of Animal Flow
1. Wrist Mobilization
2. Activations
3. Form Specific Stretches
4. Traveling Forms
5. Switches & Transitions
6. Flows
200 Hour MANIFEST YOGA Teacher Training
in Charleston, South Carolina
at James Island Yoga
January 26th -May 5th, 2024
5 Month / Weekend Option
with Tymi Howard and Guest Faculty

Program divided into 8 weekend Modules:
STARTS: January 26th, 2024 and will meet every other weekend for 5 months. Graduation on Sunday, May 5th, 2024

Manifest Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training Sessions:

 Friday 4:30-7:30pm|Saturday 8am-6pm|Sunday 8am-6pm

January 26th-28th, February 9th-11th, March 1st-3rd,
March 8th-10th, March 22nd-24th,
April 12th-14th, April 26-28th, May 3rd–5th


Step into your power, discover your purpose, and take your passion for yoga to the next level in the 200 Hour Manifest Yoga Teacher Training program led by Tymi Howard Bender. Tymi presents yoga teacher trainings unlike any others, taking your practice beyond the asana and carrying you deep into the philosophy, history, and spirituality of your yoga journey.
The Manifest Yoga Teacher Training approach will not only enhance your physical practice, but you will also receive a deep understanding of “off the mat” subjects in the ancient sciences of yoga and holistic modalities, such as Ayurveda, Yin Yoga, Myofascial Release, Nutrition, Incorporating Music, Psychotherapy and more, as they apply in today’s modern world.


One of life’s greatest miracles is growing a beautiful baby in your belly and welcoming a sweet new soul into the world.

Alongside this magic, comes immeasurable shifts within. A balanced yoga practice can help with this.

 Come and be with other expecting mothers and embrace the changes within yourself, your body and your baby. 

This offering combines elements of Slow Flow with Yin, mindfulness, meditation and breathwork practices
to support the body, mind and soul – of mama and baby. 
*All stages of pregnancy welcome. 

Little Yogis – 

RETURNS at James Island Yoga

6 Week Kids Yoga Series
February 21st – March 27th 
Wednesdays 3:15 – 3:55pm
$15 Drop-Ins $72 for Full 6 week Series
Join us for Little Yogis – an inspired kids yoga class for ages 5-8. We will incorporate some “play” into our yoga sessions and explore how to mindfully handle all of life’s little lessons. This practice is 40 minutes and will incorporate breathwork, yoga poses, rest and meditation.